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Celebrities about us


Anja Baš

singer and artist

Because I am a vegan I believe that the true way of life is such that does not cause harm to other sentient beings. Therefore, I use products that are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. It is commendable that in our country there are companies with social responsibility. All of us should be more aware of the fact that on this planet we are not alone and that this beautiful planet has to remain a worthy life for future generations.

Anja recommends Method products

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Jadranka Juras


Sometimes it seems that in this world everything is dark, then suddenly sun’s rays penetrate the fog in the form of young people who look at the world differently – through the eyes of optimism and hope for a more just and equitable world. Some go a step further and actually start to live this way. I am therefore pleased to welcome and support the idea of “OKAY for everyone”, because there is no need for animals to be abused and killed for human consumption. Nowadays we can live a life without suffering, but you need to decide to do so. Every living being loves and wants to live its only life it has. Finally, it depends on us that we enable to our children quality stay on Earth in the future. Veganism and consideration of sustainable development are certainly a first step towards a more equitable and ethical way of life! recommends Faith in nature cosmetics

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Rok Terkaj - Trkaj

rapper and musician

I support this such a concept of store and products, because I am aware that it is too much violence that is happening invisibly. The buyer does not know what he is buying, because the truth is hiding behind marketing. Animal cruelty, exploitation of workers can stand behind many products. Buyers don’t even know that and are unknowingly supporting this. I’m glad that Nadja and Sandra decided to take this bold step in the right direction. All good ladies! 🙂

Trkaj recommends Faith in nature products for men

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Ana Bešter Bertoncelj

TV host

I love animals and I love children, they are all sentient, gentle and innocent creatures, which is why I support all those who do things in such a way that, taking into account the welfare of people and animals. I use natural cosmetics, as well as generally when shopping choose products that are friendly to people, animals and nature. I therefore wish ethical shop good luck on the road. I also hope that it would be more and more such stores and people who work with the heart as much as possible.

Anja is recommending Faith in nature products for kids

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Sara Savnik

modna oblikovalka in miss univerze

Why do I find it very important to use natural cosmetics? Simply because I care what I put on my skin. For me the condition of my skin is very important, because of being a model my skin is daily exposed to make-up, powder up and heavy make-up, which I wear on the recordings, magazines and events. Therefore it is very important to me that at the end of the day I clean my skin and nourish it with the right products suitable for my skin type.

Sara recommends Seascape natural cosmetics

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